The outsourcing company offers a full range of services to execute a technical project and overcome any challenges, relying on the full capacity of over 165 professional developers, designers, artists, QA specialists and business developers. Imperia Online JSC is a member of BAIT (Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies) and BASSCOM (Bulgarian Association of Software Technologies). The studio has over 50 million users worldwide and a team of 90+ professionals. Imperia Online JSC 69 Bulgaria Blvd, Manastirski Livadi Infinity Tower, Floor 16 1404 Sofia Bulgaria Another addictive game where the players have to dodge through the rocks using 3D Touch control. It the end of September the CEO, Dobroslav Dimitrov, was a speaker of Game Dev Summit held in Sofia. The last event of the quarter for the company was attended by Senior Marketing and Biz Dev Manager Anya Stoyanova, she explored the topic of Influencer Marketing in Eastern Europe at Play2Grow Convention. The studio has over 50 million users worldwide and a team of 90+ professionals. Hosted by Imperia Online JSC. In the beginning of 2020 Imperia Online attended PGC: London where Mario Vasilev spoke about influencer marketing. Co-founder & CTO Mony Dochev took part in a Facebook live session with the famous Bulgarian vlogger Kitodar Todorov, where they discussed the gaming industry and Imperia’s path to success. In January 2019, the company COO, Cvetan Rusimov, and Marketing and BizDev Manager, Mario Vasilev, attended PGC in London. “Fiocco rosa!!! At the end of the month Digital Games Conference in Dubai was attended by the COO, Cvetan Rusimov. In 2014 IO: The Great People is also launched for Android, Windows Phone,[8] and Facebook. The next year - in 2010 - Imperia Online JSC launched Online Artillery - a turn-based cannon shooter. The training is again completely free and the applications are done by filling in a short registration form. In the same year the company sponsored Sofia Game Jam, Intergame, Tallinn and the #archHackaton and also the Bulgarian Boogie Woogie Dance team for the World Championship in Moscow, Russia. [9] In the second half of the year Imperia Online JSC launched several mobile games, starting with Mad Moles and Online Artillery 2 in August - both of them for iOS and Facebook. In 2006 realms of 2 brand new upgraded Imperia Online's versions are officially live. Goethe-Institut Bulgarien. In October, the COO, Cvetan Rusimov, participated at Huawei Eco-Connect in Rome, Italy. Imperia Online S.p.A. IVA №: BG205098993 Infinity Tower Viale Bulgaria № 69, 16° piano Sofia, 1404 Bulgaria Contatti: E-Mail: Telefono/Fax: +359 24 233 244, Non per supporto del gioco. YouTube Imperia Online JSC now develops games for web browsers, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Steam and social networks like Facebook, Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte. Address: Imperia Online Trade register: 20090728120417 VAT number: BG200788022 Infinity Tower 69 Bulgaria Blvd., fl. Meanwhile, Imperia Online for Windows Phone was published by Game Troopers and became a featured mobile Xbox title by Microsoft. Imperia Online JSC is a Bulgarian game production and publishing company founded by Moni Dochev and Dobroslav Dimitrov. pin. Allows the player to become the Governor of a distant Imperial city and grow their holding through wise rule. 2020 ended with their participation at PGC and Anya Stoyanova’s ‘10 Must-Know Company Rules by the Imperial Guardian’. The annual revenue of Imperia Online JSC for 2017 is 5,3 Million Euro. This page was last edited on 16 January 2021, at 15:49. [36], "Imperia Online and the Global Invasion of The Great People", "Stillfront Group completes the acquisition of Imperia Online JSC", "Imperia Online Co-Founder Dobroslav Dimitrov - reddit AMA", "Interview with Imperia Online: How to Build a Game for 25 Million Users? Imperia.E’ Sofia la prima nata nel 2019. Facebook Licensing Deal, Facebook The RPG was published after a year of conceptual and technical development. Imperia Online JSC was proclaimed ‘A Rising Star’ in Deloitte’s Fastest Growing IT companies ranking for 2014 with a growth of 498%. Throughout the year Imperia Online kept spreading by getting released on iOS and in the largest Russian social network Odnoklassniki. A charming color matching puzzler with simple rules. The same month Jolly Join and Golem Wars are launched for iOS. Imperia Online | 1.969 follower su LinkedIn. ", "Imperia Online goes to Game Connection 2015! Oggetto delle condizioni generali di utilizzo, ambito di applicazione 1.1. Again in Germany Cvetan Rusimov gave a M&A Masterclass at Baltic Dev Days on September 12, 2019. During the same month Imperia Online JSC participated in Sofia Games Night, right before Dev.Play Conference, where Cvetan Rusimov was a speaker for a second year in a row. A week later, the company’s COO attended White Nights Conference in Moscow. The upgraded version of IO's Online Artillery from 2010. [4] That year Imperia Online JSC was among the exhibitors at Gamescom and at Intergame Tallinn where Dobroslav Dimitrov took part in it as a speaker, giving a talk on 'Winning the War for Software Engineering Talent'. During the summer Cvetan Rusimov, the COO of Imperia Online JSC, took part as a speaker in the conferences Pocket Gamer Connects in Helsinki[18] and Vancouver,[19] Mobile Game Asia and Israel Mobile Summit 2016. A turn-based board game for 2-4 people, one of the most played family games in the world. [6], Imperia Online JSC was officially founded in September 2009, but the idea for it was born along with its main product - the MMORTS Imperia Online in 2005. Right after, both Cvetan Rusimov and Mariela Tzvetanova gave separate talks at Game Connection in Paris. Browser Cvetan Rusimov was part of Quo Vadis, Berlin in April 2019. A remake of the classic 8-Bit Artillery game. In 2015 Imperia Online JSC released a number of titles including the RPG Imperial Hero II - a remake of Imperial Hero, launched for Android, Facebook and web. The company's flagship title is Imperia Online - a medieval MMO strategy game, available on mobile, browsers, social networks and Steam. Imperia Online JSC is one of the biggest game production companies in Southeastern Europe with 27 released games. In 2007 Imperia Online JSC launched Galactic Imperia - a new web-based project with Modern Military context. La gioia più grande per tutti i soccorritori. The company's flagship title is Imperia Online - a medieval MMO strategy game. In May 2018 Cvetan Rusimov was a speaker at Nordic Game conference. Saturday, November 3, 2018 at 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM UTC+02. By that time the courses are PHP/ MySQL, Java/ Android, JavaScript, Objective-C/iOS, and Java SE / Java EE. At the end of the year Imperia Online JSC stepped into partnership with VKontakte and Imperia Online for Android and iOS was integrated into the game section of VK's platform. Show Map. The same year Imperia Online JSC was among the exhibitors at On!Fest. The players have to avoid touching the towers using 3D Touch to control the Electron. харесвания.Welcome to the Official Facebook Page of Imperia Online! In December 2015 Ishi GO is launched for iOS. [27] In April 2020, Mariela participated as a speaker PGC Digital#1[28] where she shared some tips on the Distribution of Free-to-Play Games while Mario participated in a discussion about the right monetization options for your game. | Imperia Online JSC is one of the biggest game developer and publisher companies in Southeastern Europe, part of Stillfront Group. The following month Robo Risk and Cluster Six are launched for iOS and EggTales is launched for Android. Вход. In June 2018, the CEO, Dobroslav Dimitrov, was announced as the chairman of BASSCOM. The time for war has come! ", "Imperia Online in 'Featured' in Windows Store", "Online Artillery Now Conquering Facebook", "Rocket Chameleon Available On The App Store", "Rocket Chameleon Successfully Landed on Google Play", "Start Your Eggciting Adventure With Egg Tales! It was originally named Imperial Training Camp and its first season prepared 40 enthusiasts for the professional PHP/MySQL and Java/Android fields. [25] He attended another conference later that month called Digital Games Conference (DGC) in Dubai - where he held another lecture. yeah the following is what is shown on the Main page of the Imperia Online website. Have fun with us, stay tuned for important news and, above all, be part of our great community! Termini di utilizzo 1. Imperia Online JSC was among the exhibitors at Gamescom, Dubai World Game Expo and On!Fest. Виж повече от *IMPERIA* във Facebook. Twitter In October 2020 Marketing and BizDev Specialist, Aleksandar Ivanov, gave a lecture regarding Live Operations and their implementation in their games at GDBAY and  DevGAMM. Iscriviti a Facebook per connetterti con Sofia Imperia e altre persone che potresti conoscere. The COO also joined Casual Connect Asia. Il più breve è treno per Nice e volo che impiega 6 ore. Indirizzo: Imperia Online S.p.A. IVA №: BG205098993 Infinity Tower Viale Bulgaria № 69, 16° piano Sofia, 1404 Bulgaria Contatti: E-Mail: Telefono/Fax: +359 24 233 244, Non per supporto del gioco. At the beginning of December was announced the winner - Romania. Mariela Tzvetanova, the CMO, talked about “Top 10 tips on how to work with MENA Influencers” at Game Connection, Paris 2019 edition. Mariela was also featured on Pocket in an interview[31] for Imperia Online’s new focus of acquiring game assets. A casual game that follows the adventures of an egg that tumbled out of the safety of its nest and landed deep in a terrifying cave. IT Talents Training Camp is already partnering with over 80 companies in the IT industry, to provide them qualified IT specialists. Imperia Online JSC is one of the biggest game production companies in Southeastern Europe with 27 released games. Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, the company originally concentrated primarily on browser-based games with their main title being Imperia Online, but … In 2013 the third Imperia Online tournament was conducted and this time it was won by the Croatians. Imperia Online JSC was awarded in the ‘Corporate and Social Responsibility’ Category and nominated for the ‘Education’ Category of BAIT's 2014 Awards. LinkedIn The same month the company's COO, Cvetan Rusimov visited Game Connection Paris, where he was a speaker at the conference. Meanwhile, Mariela Tzvetanova attended Game Development Summit (GDS) and presented: Beauty and the Beast of Brand Diversification. In October the Marketing & BizDev Team attended Casual Connect in Serbia where Kingdoms Online was nominated for Indie Prize and our COO was among the speakers at the conference. da Sofia a Imperia) e cliccare su DISTANZA!. The player takes control of a commander of a planet full of resources which have to be used to build an armada of spaceships and to destroy the opposition. Several other events they attended in Q3 were: Ludicious X, White Nights Summer Conference 2020, Gamescom 2020. Imperia Online will be part of Sofia Game Night Our studio cannot miss the first edition of this major gaming exhibition, especially when it’s hosted in our hometown – Sofia. In January 2015 Imperia Online JSC released the medieval turn-based strategy Seasons of War for Android[15] and later for iOS too. The main markets are Germany, the United States, France, UK and MENA. Imperia Online JSC is a game production company and publisher, part of Stillfront Group. In 2013 Imperia Online JSC established the first tuition-free school for game developers in Bulgaria. In January, 2018 Cvetan Rusimov was part of the Prize Judges of Indie Prize at Casual Connect America. The medieval strategy got its official appearance in the Apple App Store. The COO, Cvetan Rusimov hit another speaking stage at Game Access in Czech Republic. Imperia Online Italy Coppa del Mondo => Coppa del Mondo 2011 - archivio => Topic started by: robyalla2econda on November 20, 2011, 16:49:59 PM Title: Cerimonia di premiazione della Coppa del Mondo - 5 Novembre 2011, Sofia Imperia Online. [12] In November 2014 Imperia Online JSC released Egg Tales for iOS,[13] The arcade game rose to the top of the Bulgarian App Store in the ‘Free’ category. Imperia Online JSC este o companie din Bulgaria de producție și publicare jocuri fondată de Moni Dochev și Dobroslav Dimitrov. Hide Map. Hai 7 modi per andare da Imperia a Sofia. In January 2015 the third season ended with a big part of the 115 participants getting hired. Imperia Online JSC was nominated in three categories of the 2014 Game Connection Awards:[34]. ", "Imperia Online at Pocket Gamer Connects", "Cvetan Rusimov as speaker at Pocket Gamer Connects", "Imperia Online at Game Connection, Paris", "Venture Beat: Imperia Online – one of the first to integrate ClanPlay", "Imperia Online in Partnership with Play 3arabi", "Imperia Online to be Present at GMGC and DGC Games Conferences", "Imperia Online will be part of Sofia Game Night", "Round Table 1 (GameBizCon) 'Gaming - the future social platform' | Part 1 #BizzTalk", "10 Must-Know Tips for Free-to-Play Game Distribution / Mariela Tzvetanova (Imperia Online)", "Monetization, Growth and How to Make Your Game from Zero to Hero – Vasil Gospodinov, Imperia Online", "Mariela Tzvetanova - Biz Dev Steps For Highly Effective M&A", "Imperia Online on the lookout for new games", "Imperia Online is now part of Stillfront Group", "Imperia Online Competing For Three Awards in Paris", "Imperia Online Running for App Developer of 2014", "Imperia Online Employee Rewarded by Forbes Bulgaria Magazine! The upgraded version of Imperia Online's Imperial hero from 2009. È possibile scrivere i nomi completi degli indirizzi: Via, numero, nome della località – separate da virgola (es. The next month the COO of the company, took part in the 4th GameFounders international investment program as one of the three mentors at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Microsoft chose Imperia Online for its ‘Featured’ section in Windows Store. The company has over 50 released projects and know-how in more than 10 industries. Imperia Online JSC and its products are popular in more than 194 countries. Android In October Imperia Online JSC released FlapOTron 3D for iOS and Ludo Blitz, the upgraded version of Ludo from 2009, for iOS, Android and Facebook. Viber Emperors won the prize in “Best Gaming App” Category at the Webit Awards 2017 held in Sofia, Bulgaria. Imperia Online.569 хил. In the same year the first of its kind Imperia Online tournament is held - Nomads Invasions. [17] In April Imperia Online was launched on Steam. Ecco cosa ci hanno raccontato alcuni membri del consiglio, in particolare, Greta Fabiano, Sindaco Consiglio Comunale Ragazzi di Imperia, studentessa di terza media all’Istituto Littardi, Sofia Leonardi e Pauleen Arguelles, entrambe consigliere e studentesse di seconda media all’Istituto Littardi. In October 2014 Rocket Chameleon was released for iOS[11] and later got an Android version as well. Instagram [23] Meanwhile, the team attended Casual Connect in Berlin. At the end of 2017 Game of Emperors was launched on Windows. An arcade game where the player takes control over a stone creature called Ishi and have to navigate their way around deep dark caves while collecting gems and defeating nasty baddies. [22] Immediately after that he attended the Mobile Games Forum in UK where he was a speaker. Shortly after Imperia Online attended the online event: The Gaming San Francisco Online Event where Mariela Tzvetanova, the company’s CBDO took part in a discussion. In April, Cvetan Rusimov was a speaker at Reboot Develop 2017. More than a year ago. Windows In January 2005 an idea grows into a concept and on August 23 Era 1 of Realm 1 of Imperia Online goes live and the story begins. Again in 2009 Ludo was launched for iOS and Facebook - the classic turn-based board game now can be played with thousands of real players online. The studio heads and biz dev team visited Gamescom. [5], As of January 2019 the company has more 25 games in its portfolio, and has several more in development. Later on, in August, the COO, Cvetan Rusimov was a lector at Game Scope and a keynote speaker at Devcom in Cologne - where he held another lecture. [26] And after that was also a speaker at Game Connection in Paris where together with the Marketing and BizDev Manager, Mario Vasilev, represented the company with a booth together with Telus International. With 25 released games, the studio has over 45 million users worldwide and a team of 70+ professionals. The game got translated to 30 languages, featured modules like ‘Ask a Viber Friend’ and had its own custom sticker package. Cvetan Rusimov gave the M&A Masterclass at DevGAMM Minsk 2019 on November 21. In the meantime - from mid-October until the end of November 2014 the fourth Imperia Online World Cup was held, this time won by Brazil.