!My fiancee and I are now planning a small holiday at the end of the year from the money saved!Give Michael a shot and you won't be disappointed, he is fantastic! All the forms of NRT have a success rate of only 10%-30%, depending on the scientific study. It is for the hypnotherapist to decide after he has studied your addiction habit. The quit smoking hypnosis cost compared to other stop-smoking aids. Thanks again Michael . I can’t rate Michael highly enough.I was worried before I got in contact that he might be pushy, or that I’d feel overwhelmed by the process- but I needn’t have worried at all.The session was enjoyable, quitting has been so simple since...I’d definitely recommend this service with this therapist.Thankyou so much Michael- you’re a lifesaver, The challenge was accepted. Every time I think about smoking I just smile!! So in the 2 months since i did the Hypnotherapy, i can say the the thought of smoking does pop into my mind but just as quickly it is gone. Get in touch today and receive your own free online hypnosis to quit smoking pack containing: $50 Gift certificate – represents outstanding value to be used across any service we offer; Quit Smoking – A Guide to Your Success eBook “Hypnosis and NLP – Guarantee your quit smoking success” Audio CD You will continue to do other things and the thought will pass. Super Mick has made it possible for us. If you’re ready to quit smoking, would like to discuss hypnosis for quitting cigarettes with us, or you would like more information regarding quit smoking hypnosis cost, feel free to reach out and have a chat with us. The Stop Smoking Program is an investment into your health, wealth and future at cost of $795 (inc GST). Thanks Michael, for helping me see the benefits of meditation! When I saw the results I knew I had to give it a shot.I had a smoke before the session and once I walked out a haven't wanted one since.I can not reccomend this enough!! Life changing. This means that if you start smoking cigarettes again within 3 months of your session, or feel you need a helping hand we will do one follow up session, at no charge, to help you quit cigarettes. Mouth and throat irritation can occur. This is designed to quell the cravings of nicotine during your quit process. Walked around with nearly full pack and lighter for 4 days, "just in case". I have been a pack a day smoker since I was about 18 years old (now 28) and had made a couple of attempts to quit previously - both times with champix however the side effects for me were too severe.I decided I’d give hypnotherapy a go and after doing my research found Michael at Breathe Hypnotherapy. I feel amazing and all the horrible side effects of smoking have gone. I've attended Michael Whelehan's Hypnotherapy sessions for several different issues. Once off cost including life-time support guarantee*. It is held like a cigarette, when you inhale the cartridge releases nicotine to relieve the craving. Finally I’m a non smoker and I can’t thank Michael enough for helping me get there.He was the fifth hypnotherapist I’ve seen so I was hopeful but cautious about my expectations for quitting with this method.I was so grateful that Michael was skilled and astute enough to circumvent the stubborn and cunning patterns that were holding me back from stopping .Please know that there is a way for you to be free too. Took me back 20 years without breaking a sweat. I still cannot believe it, as he has tried and failed so many other methods before (including another hypnotherapist). Melbourne, Mornington, Brunswick. How Much does Quit Smoking Hypnosis Cost? Surprised. You are really good at what you do and furthermore a really good person!Cheers! Here at Breathe Hypnotherapy, we’re wishing you a happy and safe Christmas, filled with love and laughter. I understood why I do what I do and can now really own it. It was a really relaxing experience and I haven’t looked back. He is not out to take your money, he is out to save your life. I didn’t just smoke for the habit or addiction, I enjoyed smoking! Call him. Can't thank Michael enough for his help and support not only during the session but his after care was above and beyond.i've never been a believer in this sort of thing and was sceptical but i now know (even 2 years afterwards) that Michael's work does work and has contributed to my healthy body and mind.Thank you Michael, keep up the good work! The power of the uncouncious mind is truly amazing. $2000 buys prescription medications for 3 months. Michael specialises in Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy, but that is not all he does. Thank you Michael, for making my best friend well again, to break free from this habit and live longer! Thankyou so much Michael for all your help . Sophia made it easy to quit smoking. Thank you Michael. Most smokers that want or are ready to quit can’t get over the line and make it … Still. Thank you Michael. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending anyone who wants to quit...IT WORKS 100% GUARANTEED. I have changed my life and am now in control instead of tobacco controlling me like it has done for the past 20 years! In the unlikely event that you need an additional session at any time in the future, we do this ‘FREE OF CHARGE’. Hall says it’s … You've given me a gift and I cannot thank you enough.