The first came in 2019 with the release of Triad Princess, and the second series coming this January is The Ghost Bride. The … Cooper Saxe. | Featuring the best paranormal, supernatural, haunting and haunted stories. Mathew Baynton. Other cast members in Ghosts include Charlotte Richie as Alison, Laurence Rickard as Robin the Caveman, Kiell Smith-Bynoe as Mike, Katy Wix as Mary and Lolly Adefope as Kitty. Grant made quite a name for himself as possibly the most famous ghost hunter to date. Filming & Production It was produced by Studio Pierrot and Aniplex and was broadcast in Japan on Fuji Television from October 2000 to March 2001. After a near-death experience caused by one of the ghosts, she is able to see and hear them. Shane Johnson. Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, executive producer (10 episodes, 2020-2021), co-executive producer (10 episodes, 2020-2021), unit production manager (10 episodes, 2020-2021), post-production supervisor (10 episodes, 2020-2021), second second assistant director (10 episodes, 2020-2021), first assistant director (5 episodes, 2020), additional second assistant director (4 episodes, 2020), second assistant director (3 episodes, 2020), additional second assistant director / second assistant director (2 episodes, 2020), second assistant director (1 episode, 2020), additional second assistant director (1 episode, 2020), set decoration buyer (10 episodes, 2020-2021), assistant art director (10 episodes, 2020-2021), Graphics Assistant (10 episodes, 2020-2021), Concept Illustrator (10 episodes, 2020-2021), set dec production assistant (5 episodes, 2020), foley artist and editor (10 episodes, 2020-2021), sound effects editor (10 episodes, 2020-2021), Supervising Sound Editor / supervising sound editor (10 episodes, 2020-2021), re-recording mixer (10 episodes, 2020-2021), foley editor / foley mixer (10 episodes, 2020-2021), visual effects editor (10 episodes, 2020-2021), VFX Creative Director: visual effects (10 episodes, 2020-2021), visual effects supervisor (5 episodes, 2020-2021), assistant visual effects editor: Alkemy X (3 episodes, 2020), visual effects supervisor (1 episode, 2020), Compositing Supervisor: Alkemy X (1 episode, 2021), Stunt Double: Mary J. Blige (1 episode, 2020), Stunt double: LaToya Tonodeo (1 episode, 2020), stunt driving double: Joseph Sikora (1 episode, 2021), Key Rigging Grip (11 episodes, 2020-2021), A-Camera/Steadicam (10 episodes, 2020-2021), first assistant camera (10 episodes, 2020-2021), technician: Cranes, Remote Heads (8 episodes, 2020), first assistant camera (4 episodes, 2020), camera/steadicam operator (3 episodes, 2020), additional "a" camera second assistant (1 episode, 2020), scorpio crane technician (1 episode, 2021), second assistant camera (uncredited) (unknown episodes), casting assistant (10 episodes, 2020-2021), extras casting assistant (1 episode, 2020), costume production assistant / Costume Production Assistant (11 episodes, 2020-2021), costume supervisor (10 episodes, 2020-2021), costume coordinator (10 episodes, 2020-2021), Costume Production Assistant (8 episodes, 2020), post-production assistant (10 episodes, 2020-2021), main title sequence (10 episodes, 2020-2021), colorist: dailies (10 episodes, 2020-2021), location manager (10 episodes, 2020-2021), assistant location manager (10 episodes, 2020-2021), location assistant (10 episodes, 2020-2021), assistant music editor (10 episodes, 2020-2021), executive in charge of music (10 episodes, 2020-2021), music supervisor (10 episodes, 2020-2021), Exec in Charge of Music (10 episodes, 2020-2021), script supervisor / additional script supervisor (6 episodes, 2020-2021), production staff: Walkie PA (10 episodes, 2020-2021), assistant payroll accountant (10 episodes, 2020-2021), law enforcement technical advisor (4 episodes, 2020-2021), 1st Team PA / production assistant (4 episodes, 2020), Intimacy Coordinator cover (3 episodes, 2020), assistant production coordinator (2 episodes, 2020-2021), health safety production assistant (2 episodes, 2020-2021), Safety Representative (2 episodes, 2020-2021), Assistant Health Safety Supervisor (1 episode, 2020), President & CEO: Alkemy X (uncredited) (unknown episodes). After founding The Atlantic Paranormal Society along with former Ghost Hunters co-star Jason Hawes, Grant led the search for the truth of the paranormal during the original Syfy show's more than 230 episodes. Right: Cast members, from left, Hans Tester (portraying Beethoven’s ghost), PBS “Now Hear This” host Scott Yoo and Martin Rayner (portraying Sigmund Freud’s ghost), during a break from filming an episode of the classical music documentary series. Following the end of series 2 earlier this year, a Christmas special has been confirmed for this festive period on BBC One. Ghost Train (ULLU): Web Series Story, Cast, Wiki, Real Name, Crew Details, Release Date, and More Ghost Train is an Ullu Web Series. McCormick Ghost Hunters - Cast, Crew and Credits - Search Official Sites Power fans were left bereft followed the brutal murder of New York kingpin James “Ghost” St Patrick (played by Omari Hardwick). Even though Ghost was dead and god, it … | When is Ghosts back on TV? ... (2 episodes, 2019-2020) Jim Howick. It really made the story much more interesting and without her in the drama at all, it felt like a huge chunk was missing in the plot. Tariq St. Patrick. Mary J. Blige and Method Man join original 'Power' cast members, Michael Rainey Jr. and Naturi Naughton in the 'Power Book II: Ghost' cast. Even though it ended 9 years ago, Ghost Whisperer still stands out as a popular supernatural drama with memorable characters and a strong supporting cast. | Series Cast. Tags: Shy Female Lead, Chef, Ghost-seeing Female Lead, Identity Swap, Boss/Employee Relationship, Female Chases Male First, Ghost Content Rating: Not Yet Rated Statistics The episode will star writers … The episode is to be televised May 7. Brayden Weston. | GHOST TAPE is a serialized horror series that follows new recruit Tessa Dixon (Kiersey Clemons) at a remote army base in Texas as she deals with the psychological and physical trauma of basic training. Despite my complaints, however, I did enjoy the drama overall. The last thing I am disappointed in is the absence of an imortant character, a villian female ghost and a huge part of the plotline at the end. The series picks up the story where the original 'Power' series concluded, with Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr) killing his father Ghost and the consequences he has had to face since then. Some of the cast members have returned to film, but most have moved on to animation, sitcoms, or genre TV. | The series itself aired during BBC Two's Schools output). Ghost Hunters: Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson (II), Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango, Amy Bruni, Britt Griffith, Adam Berry (V), K.J. Release Dates And, for the first time ever, the show will revolve around a new game-changing element: The mistakes of castaways past, the talismans of which are scattered on a land dubbed Ghost … (10 episodes, 2020-2021) Shane Johnson. Company Credits Here's what the cast … Meet the cast of Power Book II: Ghost. Ghost tells the story of a young couple battling against the ghosts that haunt the county mansion that they are trying to occupy. The Ghost Bride 2020 TV-14 1 Season Fantasy TV Shows In 1890s Malacca, Li Lan finds herself in the afterlife and becomes mired in a mystery linked to the sinister, deceased son of a wealthy family. Ghost Whisperer starred Jennifer Love Hewitt as Melinda Gordon, an antique shop owner who has the ability to communicate with restless spirits, and ran from 2005 to 2010. Also in the new promo, Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr) continues to work with Monet (Mary J Blige), as Tasha (Naturi Naughton) faces trial over Ghost's murder. Jennifer Love Hewitt (Melinda Gordon) The actress, 38, went on to have starring roles in Criminal Minds and The Client List, meeting husband Brian Hallisay while filming the … Ghost Stories (Japanese: 学校の怪談, Hepburn: Gakkō no Kaidan, lit. Release Dates The series is currently streaming on Hulu and Amazon Prime. Starz's sequel to hit crime series Power will focus on James "Ghost" St. Patrick's college-age son, Tariq. Ghost Whisperer has been off the air for a decade already, but the show is unforgettable given the plot and the cast.The series followed the eventful life of Melinda Gordon, who, at the beginning of the series, is a newlywed living in a small town, Grandview, and, of course, bears the gift of seeing spirits that have not yet "crossed over.". Ghostwriter is an American children's mystery television series created by Liz Nealon and produced by the Children's Television Workshop and BBC Television (for the first two seasons. "School Ghost Stories"), also known as Ghosts at School, is a Japanese anime television series based on a book by Tōru Tsunemitsu. • Charlotte Ritchie as Alison Cooper – a young woman who has inherited a mansion from a very distant relative. We have everything you need to know about the new supernatural drama, including the plot, cast, trailer, and Netflix release date. CONFIRMED: Ghosts series two will begin on Monday 21st September at 8.30pm on BBC One, and will be available on BBC iPlayer as … Series Writing Credits. (10 episodes, 2020-2021) Gianni Paolo. We are, of course, referring to the second series of the BBC sitcom Ghosts. Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, hair & make up designer (6 episodes, 2019), hair and makeup artist (6 episodes, 2019), post-production supervisor (6 episodes, 2021), first assistant director (6 episodes, 2019), second assistant director (6 episodes, 2019), second assistant director (4 episodes, 2020), Standby Art Director (13 episodes, 2019-2020), assistant art director (6 episodes, 2019), Dressing props: dailies (unknown episodes), re-recording mixer (13 episodes, 2019-2020), special effects technician (4 episodes, 2020), special effects supervisor (4 episodes, 2020), vfx production coordinator: Lexhag (6 episodes, 2019), visual effects supervisor (uncredited) (unknown episodes), compositor (uncredited) (unknown episodes), first assistant camera (6 episodes, 2019), camera trainee: dailies (6 episodes, 2019), second assistant camera (6 episodes, 2019), b camera/steadicam operator (6 episodes, 2020), second assistant camera (4 episodes, 2020), first ac b camera/steadicam (1 episode, 2020), Post Producer: Lipsync Post (12 episodes, 2019-2020), Digital Intermediate Coordinator (12 episodes, 2019-2020), senior technical operator / technical operator (6 episodes, 2019), post-production coordinator (6 episodes, 2019), digital intermediate assistant (6 episodes, 2020), production assistant (13 episodes, 2020-2021), production coordinator (7 episodes, 2020), production coordinator (6 episodes, 2019), banking services provided by (uncredited) (unknown episodes). Company Credits Real ghost stories told by real people, that is what this podcast is all about. Ghost Stories is a web series produced by netflix. | (10 episodes, 2020-2021) Melanie Liburd. The series is a spinoff of the popular show 'Power', which started in June 2014 and ended in February 2020. It began airing on PBS on October 4, 1992, and the final episode aired on February 12, 1995. | For this new installment, the cast of 20 individuals will meet up in Fiji for their next big journey involving some pretty crazy twists. | Source Point Press Unveils Cast for Franklin and Ghost Animated Series Source Point Press, in celebration of New York Comic Con, is announcing that an animated series based on their comic book Franklin and Ghost is currently in development. Here’s the full list of cast … ... Cooper Saxe 10 episodes, 2020-2021. The film has been directed by four famous directors Karan Johar, Dibakar Banerjee, Zoya Akhtar, Anurag Kashyap. Filming & Production This web series was released on Coming Soon. Michael Rainey Jr. ... Tariq St. Patrick 10 episodes, 2020-2021. Ghost Stories (Netflix) : Web Series Story, Cast, Wiki, Real Name, Crew Details, Released Date and More. ... (5 episodes, 2019-2020) Martha Howe-Douglas. Official Sites